The Mountain Christians

The Mountain Christians

Ten year old James is amused by the Mormon preachers who visit his mountain homeland. A small community that lay protected from outsiders by towering Alpine mountains.

The strength of these mountains has allowed James' people to thrive for centuries in the face of terrible persecution from outsiders.

Now James' family faces a new and unexpected threat. One that many in the community fear will be more dangerous than anything that has come before.

Mormon Missionaries have come to their mountain.

Critics Agree:
Read the book that critics are calling ?Engaging,? ?Hard To Put Down,? ?A Fresh Perspective On An Old Genre.?

Based on a true story, ?The Mountain Christians? is the LDS Novel that explores a young man's difficulties in coming to terms with the faith of his fathers, his pastors, and the teachings of strange American preachers.

The Mountain Christians: By Hiram J. Bertoch is available online, or wherever LDS Books are sold.

Back of The Book Description:
James is only ten years old when the Mormon missionaries enter his beloved mountain homeland. A place where his family has lived since perhaps before the days of Christ and his apostles. Here they have practiced their religion free from outside interference for centuries.

How will James and his family respond to American preachers who bring news of a restored gospel to their Alpine farm?

A coming of age story, that follows ten year old James as he wrestles between the beliefs that his people have cherished for generations, and the new ideas being preached in their valleys.

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About the Author
Hiram J. Bertoch

Hiram J. Bertoch began writing in 1998. His degrees in Biology and Earth Science, have opened the door, and allowed him to write a number of articles that have been published by textbook companies, and educational resources both online and in print.

In the early 2000’s Hiram J. Bertoch wrote a series of educational storybooks that were very successful, and allowed Bertoch to hone his skills as a writer and also helped him discover that he enjoys writing stories as much as informational textbook articles.

His works have received numerous awards and recognition, and have been translated into many languages. These books and articles have been read by hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Mostly in educational niches.

Bertoch worked as a middle school teacher for nine years and prior to that as an entrepreneur for 15.

He lives with his wife, children, and grandchildren in Charleston, WV.

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